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Barbara did an incredible job facilitating a lively and interactive presentation for our alumni by engaging and connecting with them in a meaningful way. Barbara is thoughtful, reliable, personable, and very professional. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

Jessica Leitner, Assistant Vice President College Advancement at Baruch College

I have taken a total of 8 classes with Barbara and I can say unconditionally that, in many respects, all of these classes have been exceptional. Barbara brings materials that help us go deeper and think harder about our personal stories. The energy is positive. Since we read our stories out loud, we all have the respect of one another as we find our “voice.” I highly recommend working with Barbara on writing your life story. It’s a game-changer.

Susan Klieman, Marketing and business development consultant, former Credit Card Manager, CitiGroup and Advertising Manager, American Express

Barbara assisted me with rebranding marketing material for myself that truly captured my essence and personality of my business. I consider Barbara a “Wordsmith” whose insight into detail and ability to think “outside the box” to be instrumental in the success of my businesses.

Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN, Founder at Recovering Healthcare
I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough. She is an extraordinary communicator and connector, and an extraordinary human being. Barbara adds value, exponentially, to any endeavor—as a creative thinker and a creative do-er.

Her warmth, radiant intelligence and unshakable integrity would be an asset to any organization.

My association with Barbara is of unusually long standing. We were childhood friends. Circumstances separated us geographically – I moved to Australia while Barbara headed west to California – but our bond has never wavered.

Susan Maushart, Author, columnist, broadcaster
Barbara is an excellent listener who really tunes in, focuses, and shows vision. She is intuitive, creative, and strategic. Plus, she is delightful to work with. In Barbara, you truly have a partner/team mate. She works toward collective success. She is reliable, hard-working, and professional.
Erin Fredrick, The Masters School
I had the pleasure of watching Barbara bring The OpEd Project’s core seminar to San Diego a few years ago. Single-handedly, she built a community of like-minded women that remains intact today. She’s driven, personable, and relentlessly creative – a real joy and asset to any team.
Chelsea Carmona, Program Manager at The OpEd Project, West Coast and Public Voices Fellowship Programs

The course is an excellent start to exploring and learning about what stories come up first to think about oneself. Others’ shared stories also encourage areas to be resilient in yourself and awareness to ponder.


Barbara did an excellent job of encouraging each group member to express themselves and share.

Barbara is a consummate professional and is skilled at juggling multiple projects simultaneously. She excels at clear and concise communication and would be an asset to any organization. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Sarah Shealy, Co-founder at Blue Slip Media

After setting up the class for the event, I intended to sit in during the beginning, but I became so interested, I stayed the whole time- and even wrote! I have seen many classes but Barbara packs a lot and is genuine. The class is so well thought out and Barbara gives great care to affirming and validating everyone. I highly recommend Barbara’s Writing Life Stories classes.

Jessica Chapin Geipel, UC San Diego

Barbara has a unique style which circles the wagons around any fear or uncertainty we might have toward writing. She brings out different unexpected aspects that crack open whatever has kept your stories held safe and hidden for so long. Writing in general but particularly in Barbara’s class has helped me to find my voice in a way that spoken word has eluded me.

Anna Schuchmann, Former CEO, Zolio and banking executive at McKinsey and Credit Suisse
I met Barbara Field at a speaking engagement. Barbara was promoting the Op-Ed project at the time and although I was the speaker that day, she pitched the program with such passion and fervor that I would not only sign up for the program myself, but I became a champion and advocate of the Op-Ed Project.

Barbara also served as a panelist for the Millionaire Girls’ movement. Her passion to connect others, advance a project and create change inspire and motivate those in her circle.

Barbara is a great writer, communicator and connector. It’s a pleasure to work with Barbara in any capacity.

Ann marie Houghtailing, Founder at The Millionaire Girls Movement
Barbara is a gifted writer whose deep thinking allows her to always tailor what she writes to the audience and purpose. In addition to clarity of thought, Barbara has amazing creativity. She is always able to come at things from a fresh perspective that grabs people’s attention and makes them feel personally involved.
Barbara has written mostly educational materials for me in the areas of health and human sexuality. But I am an equally devoted fan of her marketing pieces and fiction.
Barbara’s attitude is stellar as well. She’s always positive and upbeat. “Can do” is her motto. Truly, she’s a pleasure to collaborate with.
Deanne Kells, Owner, From K to 12 with Kells, Inc.
Barbara is a stellar example of how creativity and professionalism can merge. She is resourceful, savvy, and incredibly motivated. As a colleague in another department, I relied on her quite frequently for information and materials, often with urgent deadlines, and she delivered.
Barbara Fisch, Co-founder at Blue Slip Media
I’ve worked with Barbara for almost 10 years. Barbara managed the web content for Business and Financial Services (BFS) at UC San Diego. This involved leading content projects, assisting content writers for 14 divisions, and working on special projects.

During the last few years, Barbara oversaw our internal website meetings and she had a way of making our meetings informative, packed with information, and fun.

Barbara is a great public speaker, writer and editor. She would be an asset to any business.

Allisa Becker, Web Content Management Services at UC San Diego

Thank you so much for a delightful and fruitful workshop. You made it so easy for everyone to write- and the stories were impressive. You inspired us! Thank you, thank YOU!

Anne Hoiberg, Head of Older Women's League, board member to the United Nations Association-San Diego and namesake for the Anne Holberg Women's Center for Education, Women's Museum of CA

I feel free. You stretched me today and took me to a whole other level. My words have power and these thoughts have manifested. I’m creating the next chapter of my life. The Bible says, “Your latter days will be greater than your former days.” Barbara, you have passion and compassion. You are a gift.

Frances, Student
A creative and strategic thinker, Barbara has a wealth of ideas that make long-term branding a breeze. She would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have her.
Cynthia Williamson, Freelance Writer
It is my pleasure to recommend Barbara Field. I have known Barbara for several years as a colleague at UC San Diego. Barbara has a unique leadership style with just the right mix of sincerity and drive. In her role at UC San Diego I knew her to be a team player who was always willing to share her knowledge and skills. Barbara’s calm demeanor, ability to really listen and read between the lines has served her and UC San Diego well. I have always been impressed by Barbara’s devotion to learning, self-development and desire to pay it forward. Barbara is driven to serve and contribute to the greater good which would make her an ideal candidate for any organization. Please feel free to contact me for any further information you require. I enthusiastically endorse Barbara.
Michael Yates, Director of Talent Acquisition & Outreach Services
Barbara is both creative in her work and diligent in the delivery of projects. It was a pleasure to work with her. She did a laudable job as one of the editors of our alumni magazine for a period of almost two years, when it was first launched. We’ve occasionally worked together over the last eight years and I admire her clarity and ability to deliver in a timely manner. Barbara expertly manages her projects and builds strategic relationships across departments. She will bring those enviable skills to any team that is savvy enough to hire her.
Raymond Hardie, Freelance writer and editor
Having met Barbara many years ago, it has been a pleasure to watch her career rapidly gathering momentum in the ensuing years. While her management skills and her oral and writing skills were what initially led me to hire her, she has many other skills and strengths. She proved to be a joy to work with, primarily because she is a clear communicator, has an easy-going style, takes genuine pride in the quality and quantity the work she produces, and has a wide array of skills that are needed to perform exceedingly well at an extraordinarily high level of demand.
Georgia Robins Sadler, MBA, PhD, Professor of Surgery, UCSD School of Medicine