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About The Classes

Hi. I’m so glad you are here and are interested in taking a remarkable course. Writing Life Stories helps people document their personal journey and share it with others. Students take this class primarily to leave a legacy for their loved ones and to know more about themselves. The benefits are absolutely, positively amazing…and you are creating one of the best gifts in the world: your life story.

Group Discounts available for Corporations, Non-Profits, and Associations. 

For more information, contact Barbara@writinglifestories.com or support@writinglifestories.com

Previous Classes 

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Locations included: NY and CA at Walt Whitman Birthplace Museum, Yorkville Library, Huntington Public Library, Baruch Donor Luncheon, Women’s Museum of CA, Carmel Valley Library, Lawrence Family JCC Seniors, UC San Diego Women’s Center and elsewhere.

Introduction: Writing Life Stories 

Workshop: Writing Life Stories 

You will gain insight about how the guided autobiography process works. After an exercise and priming questions,  you write. You then share this story with the supportive group. Rather than offer critiques, fellow students give only encouragement.
Confidentiality is required. No writing experience necessary.

1-day workshop (2.5 hours)

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday – April 20th – 1-Page Tribute to Someone You Lost During COVID

Monday – May 3rd – Your 1 Page Gift for Mom

Wednesday, May 26th – Write Your 1-Page Dedication to Someone You Lost (Memorial Day)

Monday, June 14th – Father’s Day Memoir Writing Workshop– Your1-Page Gift for Dad

Courses: Writing Life Stories

During the 8-week course, students write 1-2 pages (500-1000 words) at home. Students attend classes for lectures and exercises. They then read their stories aloud to a small, supportive group. Fellow students give only encouragement.
Confidentiality is required. No writing experience necessary.

(8 weeks, 2 hours per week)

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, April 7, 14, 21, 28 – WLS Part 2 Four-Week Course

Wednesday, June 2nd -Writing Life Stories (Memoir Writing) 4-Wk Course – Part 3

Writing Life Stories Intensive Retreats: 

We are setting up 3-day retreats in America’s Finest City, San Diego in the La Jolla beach area as well as in the desert oasis, Palm Springs. Stay tuned!

(3 days, TBD in San Diego, Palm Springs and Sarasota/Gulf Coast)

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced…

The Power of Storytelling in Business and Branding

The Power of Storytelling in Business and Branding

What makes your business stand out or your brand go the distance? Southwest, Nordstrom, Apple and Warby Parker successfully created stories that keep their audience’s attention and converted them into loyal fans.

Stories create more impact than facts, cut through the media clutter, get remembered and change perceptions. In this course, you’ll learn from an experienced marketer: why signature stories create emotional impact; how stories appeal to us on a neurological level triggering sensory chemicals; and what you can do to create your own authentic story for your business.

(4 wks, 3 hrs per week)

Upcoming Dates:

To be announced…